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0 DTE SPX Trading, made easier

Backtesting built for 0 DTE

Access to our custom built "Build Your Own Backtest" tool (BYOB)

  • Tick level pricing data
  • Test different credit entry targets
  • Multiple stop loss possibilities
  • One entry per day, or multiple tranches throughout the day.
  • Many more options and filtering
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Scheduled or one click order entry

Quick entry for vertical spreads and iron condors

  • Automated order entries
  • Select your desired spread width
  • Automatic strike selection based on premium
  • System avoids overlapping with open trades automatically
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Stop Order Management

Simplify entering and managing your stop orders throughout the day.

  • Automated entry of vertical spread or short leg stops
  • Automatically change stops from vertical spreads to single leg near market close
  • All day monitoring for missing/cancelled stops and automatic replacement
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